Sunday, September 23, 2012

Install Android on Your PC


1.Download android x86 iso from here

2.To install arm apps on android x86 use arm translator
       for that you need to download 3 libraries from Buildroid and copy them into the system folder (so make sure you select to install the /system directory as read-write while installing Android-X86!):

Since the latest Android-X86 uses an ARM translator, not all ARM applications will work, for instance, Google Chrome won't work. Angry Birds (as well as Amazing Alex) on the other hand, worked in my test using a custom Android-X86 build in VirtualBox, though it was kind of slow (probably because of VirtualBox):

        I'm sure there are readers who are wondering if Netflix works with this new Android-X86 release, but unfortunately I can't answer to this question because Netflix doesn't work in my country so if you try Netflix with Android-X86 4.0.4 RC2, let us know if it works in the comments!

you can download arm translater from here

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